Friends of Hurricane Creek CREEKWOODART

Presented by the Friends of Hurricane Creek and Kentuck Art Center

Reclaiming Tornado Wood for Art

Since the Watson’s Bend Campground along Hurricane Creek was decimated by the 2011 Tuscaloosa tornado, our Hurricane Creekkeeper has been working overtime to remove fallen trees and tangled branches. It is a tremendous job, and he welcomes volunteers.

In the process of clearing fallen trees and woodland materials, John realized that we should aim for a disaster recovery which does not treat fallen timber as trash or debris and does not add more waste materials to our already-packed landfills. Can our community find ways to use this fallen timber to rebuild and restore our city? Can we use this wood to make art which reflects the natural beauty of nature in addition to the talent of local artists and visionaries? How can we turn this into hope for the future?

The Creek Wood Art Contest and Exhibit is planning to find out what happens when a disaster-torn community reclaims wood for beauty and hope. We are grateful to the Kentuck Art Center for their co-sponsorship and support of this contest and exhibit.

Visit the Friends of Hurricane Creek Website to sign up

Guidelines for Entry

The deadline for entries will be September 1st, 2012. Finished entries can be submitted anytime between now and September 1st.

All entries will be exhibited in the Kentuck Art Center in downtown Northport beginning on September 6th and extending to the end of the month.

Winners will be announced and honored with prizes at the Friends of Hurricane Creek Annual Party, slated to take place in the Kentuck Courtyard at the end of September. Participants will have the opportunity to donate their entries to local families who lost their homes in the tornado.

Judges will judge wood art based on its creativity and its potential for use in a local government building or community center as a memorial to the tornado.

Entries will be judged in separate categories divided into Young Artists (16 and under) and Adult Artists.

The Cahaba River Ramble

cahaba river ramble
On Saturday June 2nd, 2012, the Cahaba River Society will host 5k and ~10 mile trail races through the “biological heart” of the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge, an environmental treasure home to the longest remaining free-flowing river in the state of Alabama.

The “Cahaba River Ramble” will benefit the Shane Hulsey CLEAN Environmental Education Program, and has something for all skill levels: the ~10 mile race provides a challenge for experienced runners, while the 5k course stays on flat terrain, ideal for newcomers. Check-in/on-site registration begins at 6:30 AM, with the race beginning at 7:30 AM.  Bring the family whole family out.  Interesting educational programs will be going on before and after the events.

For more information:

Cahaba River Society

See the event on Facebook

Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp

The SnowMiner headlamp from Snow Peak is one of those innovative pieces that makes you ask yourself “Why has this not been thought of yet?”. Snow Peak is not traditionally known for headlamps, but for lanterns. Trust me when I say I hope the transition to headlamps is permanent. This headlamp absolutely rocks!

As with any great piece of gear, the SnowMiner is multi-functional in use and sets a standard for performance. There are settings on the headlamp that range from 80 lumens to 8 lumens (and everything in between), and even a strobe setting. As evidenced in the video, you can also pull down the “globe” for a functioning lantern or push it back in to use as a headlamp.

The battery life is definitely a plus as well. On the high setting, you will not have to change the batteries for a full 55 hours. On the lowest setting, this thing will remain glowing for 140 hours. That’s nearly 6 days!

All in all, the SnowMiner Headlamp is a must have for those in the market for a new headlamp.  And at $56, you will not have to break the bank to own one for yourself!