Micro Ratio Down Jacket: The Evolution of Down

Men's Micro Ratio Down Jacket

The Micro Ratio Down Jacket holds superior loft, maintains core body warmth, and boasts water repellent down insulation.

You’re on a hike, or biking to class, or walking your dog. It’s cold out. Good thing you wore your down jacket today, right? Then you look up into the sky and see dark clouds swirling and you know you are about to get wet. Last year, you would have gone into a full sprint trying to get home before the downpour. BUT THIS YEAR, you could have the Mountain Hardwear Micro Ratio Down Jacket.

Now what do the Micro Ratio Down Jacket and rain have to do with each other? If you have ever owned a down jacket, or you are in the market for one, you’ll quickly find out that down does not survive well after getting wet. It clumps up, absorbs water, and ultimately ruins the warmth-holding abilities of the jacket. No one wants to spend their hard earned dollars for a “high quality” jacket if it can’t stand up to daily activity. We agree! You shouldn’t have to hide under a bus stop, run for your car, or carry an extra jacket at the first signs of a winter rain shower. Especially when you’ve payed top dollar for your down jacket.

So what makes the Micro Ratio Down Jacket different from other down jackets?


Q. Shield Down Technology

Q. Shield Down Technology Logo

One of the newest technologies from Mountain Hardwear – The Q. Shield Down is a high loft down infused with Durable Water Repellent material.

The new Q. Shield Down technology from Mountain Hardwear merges the lightweight warmth-trapping ability of down with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) material through a process of infusion. Essentially this process creates a hybrid material that is Q. Shield Down. And why is that important, you ask? No longer do you have to fear the weather when you wear this jacket out. The Q. Shield Down insulated Micro Ratio Down Jacket will still maintain its loft and hold its warmth even when wet. In fact, this jacket is so versatile, you’ll want to use it from valley to summit.

As a backpacker, skier or overall outdoor enthusiast, you probably have found yourself wishing you had a lighter-weight, lower impact, more easily stowable and versatile jacket (a “one-size-fits-all” kind of jacket). The Micro Ratio Down Jacket holds loft in a low profile so that it can serve as your outer shell during a cool Fall stroll through the park, OR as an incredible mid-layer in colder temperatures that you might find at alpine levels (all while resisting absorbing that pesky snow!). You can plan on this jacket holding it’s same level of warmth on a week long trip in the mountains from start to finish.

But what else is there to the Micro Ratio Down Jacket that makes it superior?

Weight-to-Warmth Ratio

Down Fill

Down Fill creates a layer of air to hold out the cold and hold in the warmth.

Coming in at only 12.1 oz, this jacket insulates at a 650-fill level while weighing less than a pound. That’s lighter than some T-shirts you already own! Yet even at that super light weight, the 650-fill down holds loft and contains heat at a level greater than most cold weather rated fleece. (learn about Down Fill)

Stow Away Pocket

The Women's Micro Ratio Down Jacket

The Women’s Micro Ratio Down Jacket

Don’t forget, down can actually compress small enough to carry in your backpack. (Have you ever tried to fold a heavy fleece small enough to fit into your pack?!) The Micro Ratio Down Jacket has the ability to pack into its own pocket – perfect for lightweight backpacking in cooler weather, or stowing away in your car or work bag for those extra cold evenings.

True-to-Size Fit

For some, it’s the technical specs that really get the gears going. For others, function must pair with fashion. And that is where the Micro Ratio Down Jacket wraps up everything into one neat package. Its true-to-form fit with dual drawstring waist hem keeps the jacket laying at a low profile. For women, this means a figured silhouette, and for men, a sleek, comfortable fit from hip to neck.

All in all, if you’re looking to hike Mt. Cheaha or take your pup on an evening jog, you’ll find what you need and what you want in the Mountain Hardwear Micro Ratio Down Jacket.