New Brand Spotlight: TGT

TGT (Tight) Wallets


TGT wallets have made their way into our stores for 2016. The most successful wallet in Kickstarter history, the TGT wallet, pronounced “tight”, is the perfect hassle-free addition to your wardrobe. With the motto “keep it simple, keep it tight,” the wallets do just that. The wallets are made in the USA from custom yarns and fabrics and super soft lambskin. The small but elastic material allows for the comfort, lightness and extra pocket space that bulkier wallets can’t give.

The wallets are so low profile, they can fit in nearly any front pocket, leaving your back pockets free. The elastic band lets you stuff anywhere from two to twenty cards, with the leather front pocket works perfect for cash.  TGT wallets are perfect for any outdoor activity, as they eliminate the need of extra bags that larger wallets can cause.


Find them in stores now!

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Alabama Outdoors Gift Cards


Alabama Outdoors eGift Card

Shop Alabama Outdoors eGift Cards

Alabama Outdoors gift cards are now available for purchase on the! They are a great option if you are having trouble selecting the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Giving them a gift card ensures they get the exact outdoor gear, clothing and accessories they want. An eGift Card can be used to make purchases on our website, and a hard Gift Card can be purchased in any of our retail stores. eGift cards are sent directly to purchaser’s email, ready to be sent along or printed instantly.

We are currently offering three different amounts. The $25 Alabama Outdoors eGift Card, $50 Alabama Outdoors eGift Card, and $100 Alabama Outdoors eGift Card give plenty of options to choose from.

New Brand Spotlight: Stance

We are happy to welcome a new brand for 2016—Stance.

Stance was founded in 2010 by the desire to fill a void in the world of sock retail. By thinking outside the box with colorful, unique designs, Stance was able to “ignite a movement of art and self-expression” drawing an expansive fan base made of athletes, performs, artists, and more—a group they coined the “Punks & Poets.”

Stance socks aren’t just fashionable—they were made with your feet in mind. Stance prides itself on being a premium sock brand, with high quality yet affordable materials going in to each and every pair. And with an expansion to 40 countries in just five short years, they must be good.

The comfortable and colorful socks are available in ankle, crew, mid and knee-high styles—perfectly paired with running shoes, hiking boots, and more. Check them out in stores and online today!

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