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Spring Break in Alabama

Spring break is right around the corner! Stay in-state this spring break with our list of the best Alabama spring break destinations. From north to south, east to west, we gathered some of the best spring break locations and activities in Alabama.


Credit: City of Fairhope

Fairhope is known for its lovely trees and parks, views of Mobile Bay, and arts community. The downtown area is walking distance from the bay, and features lots of small shops and restaurants, and the new Fairhope Brewing Company a short drive away. Head down March 18-20 for the Arts & Crafts Festival—an annual gathering of some of the country’s finest artisans. Or, visit Oak Hollow Farm, a local farm that offers horseback riding, skeet shooting, pheasant hunting and more. A short drive from Gulf Shores, Fairhope is perfect for a relaxing spring break.

Spend some time in Monte Sano and the town of Sipsey, near Huntsville. Monte Sano, Spanish for “Mountain of Health,” stands at more than 1,600 feet above sea level. Enjoy the day taking in the mountain’s fresh air, views and mineral springs. Follow that up with 22 nature-filled miles of the hiking and biking trails, or head over to neighboring Sipsey. If you love waterfalls, canyons and sandstone cliffs, then the Sipsey trails are for you.

The quaint mountain town of Mentone, to the east of Huntsville, offers one of the best views around from atop Lookout Mountain.  Climb the mountain, hike under the mist of Desoto Falls, or even snow-ski if the weather is cool enough. Cloudmont Ski Resort has been providing the town with advanced snowmaking equipment and professional instruction since 1970, with slope expansions including two one-thousand foot beginner-intermediate slopes. If skiing isn’t for you, make a day of rappelling and bouldering at Desoto State Park. The park is home to DeSoto Falls, one of the tallest and most visited waterfalls in Alabama.


Florence, Alabama

Florence, just west of Huntsville, is home to outdoor attractions and Native American history. Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve encompasses a 413 acre natural area, located in the Little Mountains region. The privately-protected preserve was established to provide sanctuary for native plants and wildlife. Visitors can find about eleven miles of hiking trails and a 4-wheel drive road. You can also travel through and enjoy the rich history of Natchez Trace. The trail once bisected the traditional homelands of the Natchez, Chickasaw and Choctaw nations. Crossing four ecosystems and eight major watersheds, the trail provides habitat for about 1,500 plant, 33 mammal, 134 bird and 70 reptile and amphibian species.

Travel a little down south to check out some of Birmingham’s best in outdoor ventures. You’ll want to bring your climbing shoes and chalk bag to Moss Rock Preserve, one of the best-known boulder fields in the Southeast. Feel free to boulder your way through pre-set routes, or even create a route of your own. Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama’s largest state park, offers a wide range of land and water activities. Two of the parks most popular activities, mountain biking and hiking, attract visitors to the over 50 miles of trails. Other activities include cable skiing, boat rentals, nature programs, an 18-hole golf course and driving range, beach and swimming area, fishing, and horseback riding.  Or head to Red Mountain Park and enjoy 12 miles of hiking trails, 7 miles of biking trails, two zip line tours, a dog park and three tree houses. Or, spend your time around the city visiting on of the 5 local breweries, countless cool restaurants, or Railroad Park.


Gulf Shores, Alabama

If you prefer the beach, head down south to enjoy the sun on the gulf. Gulf State Park claims two miles of pristine white beaches offering plenty of white sand and sun. Spend a few days camping and enjoying some of the countless activities the park has to offer. Visitors can golf, play tennis, hike, zip line, fish, kayak, paddleboard and more – all within the State Park’s grounds. Zip over land and water through the 7 tower zip line course. Kayaking or paddle boarding in Shelby Lake’s tea-colored water is a great way to explore the lake’s natural wonders. Don’t worry about bringing your own gear, the park has all the equipment necessary for beginners or experts.

Keep Alabama in mind when planning your spring break or next outdoor adventure. With so many natural wonders, you’ll wonder why you ever vacationed anywhere else. Be sure to stop by your nearest Alabama Outdoors for all your spring break needs, or visit our online store at

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Trail Running Tips

We are sharing a few trail running tips and reminders with both seasoned and beginning trail runners. New to trail running? Check out our tips below and you’ll soon dominate the trails.

End of Summer Trail Run

End of Summer Trail Run

Focus on the Trail

Sticks, rocks and roots, oh my! The beauty of trail running is the outdoor adventure that comes with it. Running on trails offers a constant change of landscape, working muscles that don’t get much action on flat land. A challenge of running on rugged terrain comes in keeping balance to avoid injury. It’s all too easy to land wrong, fall and twist or, even worse, break an ankle on the trail. To avoid risk of injury, slow down a bit and stop and ‘smell the roses.’ If you don’t want to slow down, keep your eyes at least five to ten feet ahead of you at all times to familiarize yourself with the ground before you hit it.

Be Prepared

Trail runs are unpredictable. Nature allows for naturally occurring hazards to change up or obstruct your run. You may run a trail twenty times, but a spring storm can knock trees in the usual path, making your trail difficult or even impassable. Be aware of the previous day’s or even week’s weather conditions before setting off.

Stay Weather Alert

Weather can change drastically in a short period of time. If you’re planning a long trail run, be sure to monitor and look for weather changes. If you do get caught in a storm, be cautious of steep hills and slick mud. Wear a hat or visor to minimize rain in your face, and improve your visibility if it does storm. Be extra observant of the trail, as puddles can fill deep holes and cover roots and rocks.

Be Aware of Wildlife

You should know by now to “Leave No Trace,” but keep this in mind as you run through the trails. Never drop any trash on the trail, and be sure to pick up any pieces you find along the way. It is also crucial to keep nature, and its wildlife, undisturbed.

Share the Trail

While a free, open trail may be ideal to you, oftentimes you will come across more leisurely trail users. Yielding to downhill runners and other trail users will keep the trail a safe, friendly environment for all those who enjoy it.

Group Trail Runs

Group Trail Runs

Stay Safe

Run with a partner or let someone know when and where you’ll be on the trails. If you do get injured on the trail, you’ll have someone there to help you, or someone to look for you when you don’t return at your specified time. Be sure to allot enough time to complete the trail before sundown. Even when running the same distance, trail running typically takes longer that running on the road. Trying to make your way back in pitch black can be dangerous, and not very fun.

Hydrate Yourself!!

As always, staying properly hydrated on the trail—and off—is a must. Always bring a full water bottle with you.

We hope you keep these simple tips in mind as Tuesday Night Trails and warmer weather approach.  Trail running is a fun way to spice up an everyday running routine. Get active, get out there, and enjoy the trails!


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