Keep it COZY in the True Grit Fleece Pullover!

Today I stepped outside to find a beautiful leaf on the ground. It was perfectly intact and symmetrical, tinged around the edges with an earthy shade of golden-rust and it reminded me that autumn is fast approaching. Soon the evenings will bring that certain chill that is both brisk and refreshing and a warm and cozy layer will be necessary to fully enjoy being outdoors. Besides nature’s colorful show, one of my favorite things about the transition of seasons is the opportunity to bring out the Fall Fashion. Layers make perfect sense and keeping it cozy becomes a priority!

True Grit Frosty Tipped Pile ¼ Zip Fleece Pullover

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True Grit Frosty Tipped Pile ¼ Zip Fleece Pullover

The True Grit Frosty Tipped Pile ¼ Zip Fleece Pullover is now available in all sizes and colors.

This Autumn, you’ll want to keep it cozy with the True Grit Frosty Tipped Pile 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover. The over-sized fit lets you comfortably layer it up, while the longer “cover your bum” length makes it perfect for wearing with leggings.

Originally designed for men, the fleece pullover has caught the attention of young women everywhere! It’s as soft as cotton candy or your favorite childhood stuffed animal… And wasn’t it your favorite because it was so plush, soft and cozy? Well, meet the adult version of that, except add sleeves, a ¼ zip comfy collar, even softer texture, a side slit detail on hem, and a dash of effortless style.

comfy, soft, plush, pullover

Carly is wearing the charcoal plaid print in an extra small. She styles hers with skinny denim and ankle boots for a casual, yet stylish look. This casual Friday combination can carry her from the office to an autumn afternoon in the park.

College girls LOVE the pullover for walks to class, football games and for just lounging around the dorm!  UAB Freshman, Sydney says, “I absolutely love it, because it is super comfy and goes well with anything. Especially my duck boots and leggings!”

Sydney is wearing the vintage wine color in an extra small, which is a perfect fit. After trying multiple sizes, she decided that she prefers the super over-sized fit of a medium. The medium size allows her to layer to her heart’s desire while providing an extra long length for leggings.

cozy, happy, fall fashion

The pullover is available in a wide array of colors and fresh prints; including the newly arrived plaid and tribal prints. This season, let your senses enjoy the full experience of autumn while keeping it cozy in the True Grit Frosty Tipped Fleece Pullover!