The Ultimate Alabama Road Trip: 7 Days of Adventure Across the Yellow Hammer State

The open road on a sunny day

            Alabama is home to 33 miles of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Carol M. Highsmith


If you’re from Alabama, and you’ve been on a plane, at some point you’ve explained to the stranger beside you that your home state is not one huge cotton field. Indeed, there’s a common misperception that Alabama is a monolithic, rural environment from one end to the other.

In fact, Alabama is one of the most biologically diverse states in the country, with at least 64 ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, prairies, rivers, streams, and marine ecosystems in its 52,419 square miles. All that diversity—and the adventure that goes with it—is ready to be explored during an easy-to-tackle road trip.

Indeed, if you’re still thinking about options for summer vacation, the 760-mile road trip we’ve outlined below will offer plenty of exploration. Along the way, you’ll encounter lush wilderness areas, mountains, canyons, and white sand beaches where you can hike, bike, climb, kayak, swim, or just relax after a few hours in the car.

As you travel Alabama’s highways and byways, you’ll also follow the course of its rich cultural history. While some roads trace ancient paths used by Native Americans, others follow the footsteps of Civil Rights marchers.

To help you get the most out of an Alabama road trip, here’s a 7-day itinerary that takes you off the beaten path to pursue a wide range of adventures.

Day 1

Natchez Trace Parkway to the Bankhead National Forest ** 87 miles, approx. 1.5 hours**

Begin your journey at the Alabama/Tennessee border and travel south on the Natchez Trace Parkway, winding through quiet woodlands and pastures with nature paths and historic sites dotting the way.

For more than 10,000 years, people have traveled this route, which is now a National Scenic Byway that stretches 444 miles from Mississippi to Tennessee. It was not only a footpath for Native Americans, but also a trade route for settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries.

From the Natchez Trace Parkway milepost 341, continue southwest for about 11 miles to reach Rock Spring, where a nature trail will lead you to the deep pools of a small natural spring.

Continuing on the Natchez Trace Parkway, you’ll cross the Tennessee River and at milepost 320 arrive at Buzzard Roost Spring. In the 1800s, the site was known as Buzzard Sleep, because the Chickasaw chief Levi Colbert ran an inn for travelers. Here, you can take a short walk to the spring that served as a water source for Colbert’s inn.

After visiting Buzzard Roost, take Alabama Highway (AL) 72 East for about 50 miles to Moulton. Then take AL 24 to AL 33 and travel south to reach the Bankhead National Forest.

Covering more than 180,000 acres, the Bankhead is known as the “land of a thousand waterfalls,” and it includes the Sipsey Wilderness, which resembles the north Georgia mountains with wild streams, limestone bluffs, hemlock trees, and mountain laurel.

After you travel approximately 14 miles on AL 33, you can take a quick detour to access the Borden Creek trailhead for a day hike or overnight trip in the Sipsey Wilderness. Turn right onto Winston County Road 60, go 0.6 miles and turn right onto FS224 at the Borden Creek Trailhead sign. If you continue 2.2 miles, you’ll reach the trailhead parking area.

Day 2

Lookout Mountain Parkway to the Appalachian Highlands **165 miles, approx. 3.5 hours**


Little River Falls in Little River Canyon is one of Alabama’s most scenic waterfalls..                                Little River Falls in Little River Canyon is one of Alabama’s most scenic waterfalls. Jody Claborn


On Day 2 you’ll cross Alabama to ride along the spine of its eastern mountains.

From the trailhead parking lot in the Sipsey Wilderness, return to AL 33 and travel south about 13 miles to Double Springs. Then, go east on AL 278 90 miles to Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden.

During the drive to Gadsden, stop in downtown Cullman for lunch at the Red Door Emporium Café, which occupies a house dating back to the 1800s. Order a tasty biscuit or chicken-salad sandwich, and for a cool souvenir of your trip, check out the paintings, pottery, and other artwork made by Alabama artists.

At Noccalula Falls, take in the view of the park’s 90-foot waterfall, which is one of the most frequently visited natural landmarks in the state. From the park, take Tabor Road and travel northeast to begin your journey on a portion of the Lookout Mountain Parkway, which passes waterfalls, canyons, scenic views and small towns, from Gadsden to Chattanooga.

Follow Tabor Road, which becomes AL 176 and County Road. 89. In Fort Payne, turn right on AL 35, and then travel about 8 miles to Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Boasting some of the most rugged terrain in the state, Little River Canyon offers sandstone cliffs for rappelling and climbing, as well as wild streams for fishing, swimming, and paddling. If you hike the trail to Little River Falls and continue downstream, you’ll reach Martha’s Falls, where rock outcrops surround a deep swimming hole.

If you’d rather press on, take AL 35 to Alabama Highway 176 and turn right to begin a scenic drive along the rim of the canyon. Up for roughing it for the night? Drive to Little River Canyon’s Slant Rock backcountry site, which is right on the river. (There are no amenities.) For something a bit cushier, head to the campground at nearby DeSoto State Park.

Day 3

Little River Canyon to Cheaha State Park ** 80 miles, approx. 1.5 hours**

Cheaha Mountain is the perfect lookout at Cheaha State Park.                                                           Cheaha Mountain is the perfect lookout at Cheaha State Park. Alan Cressler


After you’ve explored Little River Canyon, backtrack to AL 35 and travel southeast to follow the Appalachian Highlands Scenic Byway to wind through a pastoral landscape with cotton fields and pastures tucked away in mountain valleys.

In the town of Blanche, turn onto AL 273 and travel south approximately 16 miles to Leesburg. Travel south about 1 mile on AL 68 and turn left onto US 411/AL 68. Go 5.6 miles and turn right onto Piedmont Rd/AL 9. From here, your next stop is Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in Alabama.

For a more adventurous, off-the-beaten-path route to Cheaha, proceed to U.S. Highway 78 and, just west of Heflin, turn right onto AL 281 to travel south and follow the crest of the Talladega Mountains. You’ll go another 20 miles to reach

Cheaha State Park.

Sitting at 2,407 feet above sea level, the park offers awesome 360-degree views of the surrounding Talladega National Forest.

The park also provides access to miles of hiking trails that traverse immense forested areas. From the park’s Cheaha Trailhead you can reach the Pinhoti Trail, a 335-mile path that passes through Alabama and north Georgia to connect to the Appalachian Trail. Another option is to begin at the Cheaha Trailhead and hike three-plus miles to McDill Point, a west-facing outcrop where you can relax in a hammock and enjoy sunset.

Cheaha State Park is also the jumping off point for the Odum Scout Hiking Trail, which stretches 7.5 miles along the eastern slopes of Talladega Mountain in the Cheaha Wilderness Area. For experienced mountain bikers, the park has about six miles of trails with fairly rocky terrain, a few short but steep climbs, and fast sections of singletrack.

After a day of adventure, you can choose from a wide range of park accommodations, including primitive and improved campgrounds as well as cabins.

Day 4

Cheaha Mountain to the Black Belt Nature and Heritage Trail** 177 miles, approx. 3 hours**

The Edmund Pettus Bridge's unique design makes this structure a spectacular sight.                                   The Edmund Pettus Bridge’s unique design makes this structure a spectacular sight. Tony Webster


After your deep dive into the mountains, emerge on day four to tour several historical sites in the Black Belt region of the state. Known for its rich soil, the Black Belt was home to cotton plantations in the 19th Century. After the Civil War, this part of the state was a focal point for the Civil Rights movement. Over the years, the Black Belt has also become known for its soul food and thriving folk art.

From Cheaha State Park travel southeast on AL 281 for 3.3 miles, and then turn right onto AL 49. Travel south on AL 49 for 80 miles and then follow County Highway 36 and AL 126 another 7.3 miles to Tuskegee.

In Tuskegee you’ll find several excellent African-American history museums, including the George Washington Carver Museum and the Tuskegee Airmen Museum, which chronicles the heroic efforts of African Americans who flew and fought in World War II.

Because Tuskegee is a college town, you’ll find plenty of places for a snack, but don’t get too full. From Tuskegee, you’re going to make your way to I-85 and travel west for just 40 minutes to reach downtown Montgomery and the Railyard Brewing Company. Choose from a wide range of beers on tap, including the Barrel Aged Big O Stout, the Deadhead American Pale Ale, and special small batches brewed on Fridays. The Railyard also serves a wide range of food, including burgers, fish tacos, and even etoufee.

From the pub, you only have to go a few blocks to reach the State Capitol Building and the Museum of Alabama, which is located at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The museum is a must-see, with hundreds of artifacts, images, documents, and audiovisual programs that tell the story of the Civil War, industrialization in the state, world wars, civil rights, and the Space Program.

Continuing your trip through time, leave the Capitol and take I-85 South a little over a mile to U.S. 80 West. Travel about 50 miles on U.S. 80 West and you’ll cross the Alabama River on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

On March 7, 1965, this steel bridge became one of the iconic landmarks of the civil rights movement, when law enforcement officials used billy clubs and tear gas to attacks civil rights marchers. Television coverage of the violence rallied the country to support the marches, and less than five months later President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Day 5

Selma to Gee’s Bend and the Gulf Coast **195 miles, approx. 4 hours**

A member of the famous Gee’s Bend quilting group.                                                                      A member of the famous Gee’s Bend quilting group. Andre Natta


On Day 5 you’ll leave Selma and move off the beaten path to visit Gee’s Bend, one of the state’s most remarkable destinations.

Situated along the Alabama River, the small hamlet of Gee’s Bend is home to a community of famous quilters whose work has been displayed in art museums throughout the country. Historians consider these quilts some of the country’s most important pieces of African-American art.

From Selma, travel south on Al 41 for about 35 miles to Camden. Then, follow AL 28 north to Ellis Landing Road. Turn right and drive approximately three-quarters of a mile to a ferry landing. The ferry will take your vehicle across the Gee’s Bend, where you can visit the Quilting Collective, which has displays on the history of the quilts, plus a large collection of quilts and artwork available for purchase. Also, quilters usually gather at the Boykin Nutrition Center to quilt from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.

After visiting Gee’s Bend you’ll begin a three-hour drive to Orange Beach on the Alabama Gulf Coast, where you can relax on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

From Camden, take AL 265 and AL 21 south to I 65. Take I 65 South 19 miles and exit to take AL 287 for 23 miles and then take I 10 East. Go 5 miles and take exit 49 to travel south on the Baldwin Beach Expressway for about 25 miles. (There is a toll to cross a bridge near the end of the Expressway). Turn left to travel east on AL 180 to reach Orange Beach.

Because the Gulf Coast has become such a popular destination, you’ll need to book your accommodations in Orange Beach as far in advance as possible. After arriving at your rental house or condo, head out to the Palms Bar & Grille for a waterfront table and seafood feast.

Day 6

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores **6 to 7 miles, approx. 12 minutes**

Make sure to stick around for the incredible sunsets on the Alabama Gulf Coast.                                         Make sure to stick around for the incredible sunsets on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Suzanham


Take a break from the long drives for a day of enjoying the sand, surf, and the outdoor adventure on the Gulf Coast.

You might want to just grab a book and a beach chair and spend the day soaking up rays. Chances are, your house or condo will have access to great beaches, but you can also head west about seven miles to access beaches at the Gulf State Park Pavilion, 2nd Street Public Beach, and the Gulf Shores Public Beach at the end of Alabama Highway 59.

But for a more active-minded itinerary, deep-sea fishing is an excellent option, especially for anglers: Orange Beach boasts the largest offshore charter fishing fleet along the Gulf Coast. Whether you want to go out for a few hours or a full day, you’ll have no problem finding a charter that suits your needs.

While the ocean takes center stage for recreation, the Gulf also has plenty of inland lakes perfect for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Head over to Lake Shelby at Gulf State Park to paddle calm waters and watch for osprey and eagles soaring overhead. At Alabama Paddlesports, rent kayaks and stand-up paddleboards or even book a guided kayak tour.

For dinner, try the famous banana-leaf-wrapped fish or sushi at Cosmo’s Restaurant and Bar, or get another waterfront seat at one of the three Tacky Jacks restaurants in the area.

Day 7

Orange Beach to Dauphin Island and Bayou La Batre **53 miles, approx. 2 hours**

The birds at Dauphin Island, like this egret, are captivating.                                                               The birds at Dauphin Island, like this egret, are captivating. Stephanie Pluscht


On Day 7 your Gulf Coast adventure continues with a drive west to Dauphin Island, a barrier island that’s home to a research lab, aquarium, and an Audubon Bird Sanctuary.

From Orange Beach, travel west on AL 180 for about 30 miles to reach the Dauphin Island-Fort Morgan Ferry. Take the ferry to Dauphin Island, and then proceed to the Estuarium that includes a 7,000-gallon stingray touch pool and the Living Marsh Boardwalk.

In the afternoon, drive west 20 miles to Bayou La Batre, the small town made famous by the book and film Forrest Gump. Considered the seafood capital of Alabama, Bayou La Batre has a clutch of harbors and shipyards that employ master ship builders and shrimpers, including a significant population of Vietnamese. If you explore the village, you might even encounter a Vietnamese grocery store.

Ironically, there aren’t many seafood restaurants in Bayou La Batre, but make the trip to The Lighthouse Restaurant in nearby Irvington to sample the shrimp and crab claws. If you’ve booked your Orange Beach accommodations for several days, you can head back, as Bayou La Batre marks the end of your 760-mile journey across Alabama.


Written by Marcus Woolf for RootsRated in partnership with BCBS of AL.

10 Essentials for Summer Camping

Tent at night by lake and mountains

The weather’s warm and conditions are perfect for planning a summer camping trip. Whether a first-time adventure with your kiddos or a relaxing weekend with friends, camping is a great way to disconnect from technology and spend quality time with each other in the great outdoors.

These 10 essentials will make this next trip the best it can be:


  1. A Reliable Bag Suited for Outdoor Activity: Finding the most efficient and comfortable way to carry your gear is a Two campers cross a bridgemust. Gear bags can range in size and operation based on your trip. For example, a short trip where you might drive and park at a campsite might only require a Day Pack or Duffle. We love NorthFace’s line of lightweight Day Packs. For a more serious trip where you might be hiking to a campsite, you may need a Technical Pack to comfortably hold all of your gear. Osprey’s Protective Technical Packs have tons of room and sit comfortably on your back.
  2. Comfortable and Supportive Shoes: Reliable and protective shoes are an essential accessory. Shoes protect our feet from rough terrain and nasty plants like poison ivy. Plus, comfortable shoes make any trip more enjoyable. We love Saloman’s Hiking Shoe line because they’re lightweight and breathable.
  3. Sleeping Bag: While the days are warm, the nights can get chilly. Talk to an expert about what kind of sleeping bag or blankets would be best for your upcoming trip.
    Blue Que collapsible water bottle
  4. A Reusable Water Bottle: No matter what you’re doing, if you want to enjoy the outdoors in the summer, you’ve got to stay hydrated. Be sure to take a reliable, easy-to-carry water bottle. We love Que’s new collapsible water bottles. Not only do they save valuable space in your pack, they’re BPA-free and plastic-free, keeping our planet clean.
  5. Sunscreen and Bug Spray: Always apply sunscreen outdoors, even on cloudy days. Bug Spray is another necessity. We suggest finding a spray that contains DEET or pre-treating your clothes with Permethrin. That helps to protect you from mosquitoes and ticks.
  6. Flashlight: Never hike or camp without a bright flashlight. Don’t forget extra batteries!
  7. A Tent: Finding an easy-to-assemble tent is key to a happy camping trip. Tents provide protection from weather and bugs. The best ones, like the Nemo Tent line, are easy to carry and have a waterproof layer.Couple lounges in open tent near lake
  8. Layered Clothing: Temperatures can change dramatically once the sun sets. Make sure to pack a lightweight yet warm jacket. A weatherproof layer, like a rain jacket or windbreaker, is also a good idea.
  9. First Aid Kit: Just in case of scratches or nasty bug bites, always pack a first aid kit with bandages, itch cream, ibuprofen, etc.
  10. A Positive Attitude: Like many things in life, your camping experience will only be as good as  you make it. The outdoors are amazing but unreliable, and you can only control how you engage with them. Make the best of every situation and enjoy time with nature and loved ones.


Text by Amy Haupt

Alabama Outdoors Pepper Place Pop-Up Opens May 24th

Alabama Outdoors Pepper Place Pop-UP

The Alabama Outdoors Pop-Up at Pepper Place opens on May 24th!

Join us for a grand opening from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Thursday, May 24th. Grab the gear you need for summer adventures and enjoy lunch and drink specials from Bettola, Cantina, Red Cat, and Steel City Pops. We’ll have exciting give-aways, too. The first 25 people to walk through the door will get an Alabama Outdoors water bottle. You can also enter our drawing for a chance to win an Alabama Outdoors hat and t-shirt.

Hammock Camping In-Store Clinic – Mobile

Flier for hammock camping even

Have you ever considered hammock camping? Have no idea what hammock camping is?

Join Meagan and the staff of Alabama Outdoors at our Mobile location as they explain the advantages and disadvantages of hammock camping. You’ll learn about the equipment you may or may not need and how to use your hammock shelter safely and responsibly.

The class takes place on Thursday, June 7th from 6:00 – 7:30 PM.

See you there!

Party on the Porch – June 2018

People enjoying May's Party on the Porch

Join us at our Homewood location on Friday, June 1st, from 5:30-7:30 PM for the third Party on the Porch of the season! Enjoy good company, good food from Off The Hook Food Truck and Urban Pops, good brews from Avondale Brewing Company and good tunes from Tonal Vision, all while doing good for our community.


Proceeds from Party on the Porch benefit the Cahaba River Society. Named a “hotspot of aquatic biodiversity,” the Cahaba River is home to 131 freshwater fish species along with countless turtles, snails, and mussels. It’s also spectacularly beautiful and beloved by hikers, swimmers, and boaters. Through conservation, stewardship, and education, the Cahaba River Society ensures that the river will thrive for generations to come.


This is a family-friendly event. We hope to see you there!

Mother’s Day Gifts For The Outdoors Mom

Mom in Joe's jeans carrying Birkenstocks from Alabama Outdoors. Have a mom that loves the outdoors? In case you haven’t noticed, that’s kind of our area of expertise. Here are our top picks for becoming (or cementing) your spot as her favorite child.

  1. Great Bear Wax. Co. Candle With Gift BoxGreat Bear Candle Co candle from Alabama Outdoors.

So, thanks to pesky annoyances like jobs and bad weather, we can’t all spend as much time outside as we’d like. Help mom bring the outdoors in with Great Bear candles. With scents from Lavender to Campfire, you’ll guarantee she feels at one with nature inside or outside the house. (Great Bear Wax Co. gets bonus points for being locally made in Birmingham, AL.)

  1. Outdoor Research Sun Hat

She’s your mom, and you love her. Shield that beautiful face of hers from the sun (and keep her looking sharp) with any one of the stylish wide-brimmed hats from Outdoor Research. Perfect for hiking or a day at the beach, these hats were made to protect Mom from the elements and keep her cool.

  1. Birkenstock Sandals

What can we say? Birkenstock sets the bar for outdoor sandals. With oiled leather and soft footbeds, these sandals are perfect for a trek on the trail or a simple grocery store run.

  1. United by Blue Magnolia ToteYeti Coral Tundra Limited Edition cooler, Turkish towel and AO hat from Alabama Outdoors.

You’re a good kid, so no under no circumstances can you let your dear mother go the fanny pack route when it comes to storing her must-haves. For a stylish, sleek and sturdy bag meant to hold her essentials for any and all adventures, the United by Blue Magnolia Tote is perfect. It even comes complete with a cross-body strap for changing up how she carries it. Prepare to be smothered in kisses after she opens her presents.

  1. Yeti Limited Edition Coral Tundra 35 Cooler

Nearly indestructible (and in a special won’t-last-long shade), this Yeti cooler is perfect for protecting all of Mom’s precious provisions in the great outdoors.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mom

Side Stitch shirt, Joe's jeans and ONTB wedges from Alabama Outdoors.No matter what, there’s no mom quite like your mom. If you still haven’t stumbled upon that perfect gift that screams, “Mom is going to love it!”, we have a few more ideas.

  1. Side Stitch Women’s ClothingMom with Corksicle tumbler from Alabama Outdoors.

From tunics to button-downs to blouses, you’re bound to find a shirt Mom will love for comfort and style from Side Stitch. Classic, bohemian or sophisticated, there’s a Side Stitch for every Mom.

  1. Teva Midform Sandals

Another brand that pairs comfort with style, Teva Midform sandals have just the right amount of wedge to be fashionable while also providing the cushioning Mom needs to feel good on her feet all day. She’ll be telling you about the compliments she gets for weeks.

  1. Corkcicle Tumblers and Canteens

Before we even begin with all the awesome features of Corkcicle, let’s remember this: the Corkcicle brand was endorsed by the queen herself, Oprah. When Mom opens the box, just say “Oprah,” and any of those times you missed curfew will be automatically forgiven. Choose from a variety of colors and styles, including a wood grain or copper finish.

  1. Turkish Towel

There’s the Turkish towel, and then there’s the regular towel, which is a little bit like putting Donna Reed up against Mommie Dearest. As in, there is no comparison. The Turkish towel offers all of the style, comfort and refinement your mother deserves when she’s lounging by the pool or headed to the beach. Thinner that most towels, it rolls up easily for travel and fits nicely inside a bag. So, obviously, you’ll keep this one far away from any wire hangers.

  1. Alabama Outdoors HatAlabama Outdoors hat from Alabama Outdoors.

When it comes to any lifestyle, a good baseball-style hat covers three functions: 1) looking good, 2) shielding eyes from the sun and 3) hiding sweaty hair. Mom can do all this (you always knew she was a multi-tasker!) while supporting the family’s favorite outdoors and lifestyle store in the always-classic AO hat. Everybody wins!

Mother’s Day Gifts For The Active Mom

Alo women's leggings and on-running cloud shoes from Alabama Outdoors.Your mom is always on the go. And when she stops moving, it’s only a brief pause before heading out to exercise class or to sneak in a jog. Take care of her the way she’s always taken care of you with these must-haves for the mom that’s constantly busy.

  1. On-Running Women’s Cloud Shoes

The best part of these shoes is all in the name. Mom will genuinely feel like she’s walking on a cloud with these incredible, lightweight shoes. (Leave it to the Swiss to create a running shoe that responds to your individual gait while also weighing next to nothing.) Put Mom on Cloud 9 with the On-Running shoes.

  1. Que Collapsible Water BottleQue water bottle and yoga mat from Alabama Outdoors.

She always made sure you ate your vegetables. Now, it’s your turn to take care of her by making sure she is always hydrated for her on-the-go lifestyle. The Que water bottle comes in a wide array of fun colors and collapses so that it can literally go anywhere – from a gym back to a purse to airport security.

  1. Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat

Maybe you were an angel. Maybe, well, not so much. Either way, Mom needs some time to center herself and find her inner peace. Enter yoga. With the Prolite Yoga Mat, Mom can honor the divine within her whenever she needs. Namaste y’all.

  1. Alo Women’s Leggings

No Mom uniform is complete without a good pair of leggings. For fitness, fun or comfort, Alo leggings go anywhere. With their high-waist design, they are flattering on a variety of figures, and the color selection isn’t too shabby either. Grab a pair for Mom and make her (Mother’s) day.Alabama Outdoors hat from Alabama Outdoors.

  1. Alabama Outdoors Hat

When it comes to an active lifestyle, a good baseball-style hat covers three functions: 1) looking good, 2) shielding eyes from the sun and 3) hiding sweaty hair. Mom can do all this (you always knew she was a multi-tasker!) while supporting the family’s favorite outdoors and lifestyle store in the always-classic AO hat. Everybody wins!

Mother’s Day Gifts For The City Mom

Mom in Cia Milano, Joe's Jeans and Bussalo sandals from Alabama Outdoors.If you were to take a trip back to one of Richard Scarry’s many classic children’s tales, you’d have to admit your mom is more city mouse than country mouse. Here at Alabama Outdoors, we’ve got that covered, too. For the mom that might consider glamping, but never a night under the stars without plenty of indoor plumbing and mosquito netting, here are our Mother’s Day gift picks.

  1. Cia Milano Jackets

There’s no need to choose function over form when it comes to the beautiful designer jackets by Cia Milano. With sleek fabrics and fashionable colors, in addition to practical details like a zip-away hood for rainy days, Mom will love wearing this one to lunch with friends or on a night out.

  1. Bussola Women’s Shoes

With sandals, wedges and boots sure to make any fashionista swoon, Bussola is the perfect pick to keep Mom looking sharp. She’ll love the modern styles and fun colors (like metallics!). You’ll love knowing she’ll never write you out of the will.

  1. Joe’s JeansMom in Joe's jeans and turkish towel from Alabama Outdoors.

You care about your mom, and because you care, you’ll never let her fall prey to Mom jeans. Forget awkward pleats or unflattering silhouettes when it comes to Joe’s Jeans. With just the right amount of stretch and an array of delightful washes to choose from, Mother Dearest has never looked better.

  1. Alo Women’s Leggings

No Mom uniform is complete without a good pair of leggings. For fitness, fun or comfort, Alo leggings go anywhere. With their high-waist design, they are flattering on a variety of figures, and the color selection isn’t too shabby either. Grab a pair for Mom and make her (Mother’s) day.

  1. Turkish Towel

There’s the Turkish towel, and then there’s the regular towel, which is a little bit like putting Donna Reed up against Mommie Dearest. As in, there is no comparison. The Turkish towel offers all of the style, comfort and refinement your mother deserves when she’s lounging by the pool or headed to the beach. Thinner that most towels, it rolls up easily for travel and fits nicely inside a bag. So, obviously, you’ll keep this one far away from any wire hangers.