How to Plan a Day with Dad in Alabama

Family sits on dock with feet in lake

There’s one thing that your dad wants more than anything this Father’s Day, and that’s to spend time with you. If you’re struggling to plan a perfect day with your dad, don’t panic. We’ve got some ideas — and we know that your father doesn’t care if the day is perfect. He just cares about spending the day with you.


Take a HikeFather and two sons hiking and talking

No, don’t tell dad to take a hike; instead, plan a hiking trip with dad. Pack a bag full of supplies and head out into mother nature for a day hike. Whether it’s Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, AL or Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, AL, dad will enjoy a day full of memories with the family.





Stalactites and stalagmites at DeSoto CavernsExplore the Caves of Alabama

Want to stay out of the sun this Father’s Day? Go beneath the surface and explore some of the Alabama’s caves. Lace up your shoes and prepare to take a journey into the earth. From Cathedral Caverns in North Alabama to DeSoto Caverns in Central Alabama, spelunking — or a guided tour — is a great way to stay cool and enjoy a day with dad.





Plan a CookoutSmall family cooks out in park

A cookout gives dad a chance to wear those new clothes you got him and for the family to enjoy a day in together. Throw some burgers on the grill and pull out the comfy chairs to enjoy a day full of memories at home.






Beautiful lake with mountains and blue sky

Spend a Day at the Lake

Pack the cooler, give dad that new shirt to wear and head out for some lakeside fun this Father’s Day. Lake Guntersville or Lake Martin are great places to spend a day with the family, soaking up the sun and making memories that’ll last a lifetime.





Go Golfing

Whether it’s a trip to TopGolf, mini-golfing local or an actual golf course, this gives dad a chance to try on that new polo. No matter how good (or bad) you are, dad will enjoy laughs with the family.



If you are planning a day in the outdoors for Father’s Day, we’re here for you. From hiking to paddling to just grilling some burgers in the backyard, we’ll be happy to help you get what you need. We want you and your dad to have the best day possible — and we know that, for your dad, that’s any day he gets to spend with you.




Text by Jonathan Mendoza

#BeOutdoorsWithDad: Let Us Celebrate Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Amazing, wise, funny, charming, strong, loving, kind, crazy in the best ways: all words people have used to describe fathers to us this week. Now, we’d love to hear about the dad in your life.

Simply post a photo of your dad and tell us a little about him in the caption — did he teach you how to waterski? Or how to catch a fish? Or how to recite pretty much every line in Monty Python’s Holy Grail

Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #BeOutdoorsWithDad. Not only will you get the chance to celebrate your father, you’ll also get the chance to win one of the items on our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

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Here’s a post about Amy H.’s dad, who inspires us by showing his daughter the thrill of adventure — and of facing your fears!

Father and daughter scuba diving with sharks

This Father’s Day I am especially thankful for my Dad, who introduced me to Scuba diving and is my favorite dive buddy. Looking forward to many more crazy experiences like this!!

                                                              — Amy H.

#BeOutdoorsWithDad: Nick B.

Your chance to win one of the items on our Father’s Day Gift Guide ends at midnight tomorrow, June 7th. All you need to do to enter our Father’s Day giveaway is to post a photo of your father in the outdoors  on Facebook or Instagram and tell us a little about him. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #BeOutdoorsWithDad. Need some inspiration? This post from Nick B. honors how his father taught him to love and respect the outdoors. 

Father and son stand in matching outfits

I want to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to my father Bob. This picture was taken during one of our first trips to the beach. My dad has taken me there so many times I’m not sure I could keep track. We have always shared a love for the outdoors, especially the oceans and its marine life. I remember one trip in particular where we helped rescue a pelican who had gotten a fish hook caught in his eye with the fishing line also going through the wing. That bird flew another day after we removed the hook and line. I have learned a lot from this man, with one of the most important lessons being that we need to take care of the outdoors and all living things that inhabit the planet. This picture is a great reminder of a time where all of those lessons began. I hope I can pass on all of my wisdom and good character to my son, as my dad has for me.

                                                    — Nick B.

#BeOutdoorsWithDad: Kaurie S.

Our own Kaurie S. shares a heartwarming post about growing up with two dads: her father and her stepfather. We hope you’ll share your own memory of your father (or fathers!) in our #BeOutdoorsWithDad contest. Nine winners will receive an items from the Father’s Day Gift Guide. The contest ends on June 7th, so we hope to see your stories and photos soon! 


Father holds baby daughter, who wears a bonnet


I was lucky enough I have two fathers growing up. My parents got divorced when I was little, and both remarried. At the time I didn’t understand why, and was very upset at first, but after some time I realized just how lucky I was! I had two wonderful homes, each with its own awesome dad!

My father is the one who instilled a love a nature in me. We would go camping every summer, hiking, canoeing, fishing… and I loved every minute! He would also take us to the beach, and I was always so impressed that he could name the rocks I picked up!




Girl throws autumn leaves on father's head


My step father wasn’t so into nature, he is a tech guy all the way! He played a big part in making me the nerd I am today. My enjoyment of video games, sci-fi, and New Wave music are all his doing!

Without these two men in my life, I truly don’t believe I would be the person I am today. From them I have learned so much (from basic car maintenance to every line in Monty Python’s Holy Grail), they have supported me at every turn, and I wish everyone was lucky enough to have two dads! Happy Father’s Day!

                              — Kaurie S.

#BeOutdoorsWithDad: Laurel M.

We hope you’ll love reading this memory from Laurel M. as much as we did. We also hope it inspires you to share a memory of your own father for a chance to win an item on our Father’s Day Gift Guide in our #BeOutdoorsWithDad Father’s Day Giveaway Contest.

Two young sisters fishing in pier

Since my father has no boys, he was intent on teaching his daughters many of the skills most dads imparted to their sons.

My sisters and I were subject to many an action film, the library of all things James Bond and some very “involved” softball coaching. But, what still stands out are the many times my father tried to get us interested in fishing.

Since we have a lake house, this makes perfect sense. Lake = water = fish. However, when you’re trying to teach three girls to fish, there are a few problems, and while you might think worms would be the worst of it, I think patience was the much bigger problem.

Fishing adventures tended to end shortly after the first or fifteenth, “I’m bored.”

Plus, whenever we did catch a fish, it was always a throw-away on the dumb side of fish life. (I can remember more than a couple holes or hooks already in its mouth.)

One day though, my father came in with some news.

“We’re going fishing!” he said.

Three collective sighs went around the table – especially since we were in Birmingham and nowhere near our lake house.

“This time is going to be different,” my dad said. “We’re going to a special pond. Guaranteed good fishing.”

Reluctantly, we got in the car, drove for about half an hour and came to a stop at the smallest “lake” I had ever seen. But sure enough, nearly a minute after I put my line in the water, I pulled out one of the biggest catfish I had ever seen.

Soon, I caught two more fish, and my sisters were just as lucky. “This is a special pond,” I thought.

“I think we should only keep three a piece,” my dad said later. “We’ve got to leave some for everybody else.”

I wanted to keep every fish I caught. (Boy, were they biting that day!) But my dad’s logic made sense, in addition to the fact that he was my dad and he made the rules, so we quickly agreed.

It wasn’t until we were leaving, and a man pulled my father aside to weigh and pay for our fish that I realized we weren’t quite at a “special pond.” We were at a stocked pond, and this little adventure was costing my father quite a bit of money.

It was an especially expensive outing when you consider that later that night, after my father had prepared and cooked a full fish meal (with a freezer full of catfish to spare), we each responded with, “I don’t like catfish,” and opted for mac and cheese instead.

That’s just my dad though – always going out of his way and doing his best to make sure that his girls were never disappointed. Whether it was making his daughters think of themselves as star fishermen, attending every softball, soccer and volleyball game or enduring hours at the mall, he always made us feel like he wanted to and enjoyed just being there.

                                                     — Laurel M.

#BeOutdoorsWithDad: Meagan B.

Thank you to our very own Meagan B. for this fantastic photo and story about her grandfather!

Have your own story? Be sure to check out our #BeOutdoorsWithDad Father’s Day Giveaway Contest.

Grandfather and granddaughter in lounge chairs on lawn

Throughout my childhood, my grandfather was really like a father to me. Because my dad’s work kept him gone most of the year, I spent all of my time with my Grandad. He took me on all the best adventures as a kid, from hiking around Lake Guntersville, to fishing, to boating and teaching me to waterski on Lake Martin. It was the hardest time of my life when I lost him in 2014, but I carry him in my heart every time I hit a trail, or get on the water. He was certainly the best father and grandfather anyone could have ever asked for.

                                                               — Meagan B.

#BeOutdoorsWithDad: Lia F.

Thanks to our very own Lia F. for this fantastic photo and story about her father. Share a memory of your own father for a chance to win an item on our Father’s Day Gift Guide in our #BeOutdoorsWithDad Father’s Day Giveaway Contest.

Father and young daughter smile in front of mountains

I love this picture of my dad and me, taken in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. When I was growing up, my parents would take the family to Colorado every other summer. I can remember getting so tired on the hikes we went on and my dad picking me up and carrying me without a complaint. My dad and I have always been best friends and he instilled in me a love for nature that I will carry with me always. I am so grateful for him and everything he did for me growing up to make sure I had a happy life. He is the best!

                                                       — Lia F.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Are you still struggling to find that perfect gift for the world’s best dad? Here are some items that every dad is sure to love for this upcoming Father’s Day.

Happy father tosses son into air on the beach



Southern Marsh mens Hawthorne Bermuda Performance polo

1. Southern Marsh Men’s Hawthorne Bermuda Performance Polo


This shirt is a must-have for all dads. Its moisture-wicking fabric provides perfect comfort. Plus, this polo is versatile enough for a family cookout or for that family trip to Mt. Cheaha.


2. Patagonia Men’s Back Step ShirtPatagonia Men's Backstep Polo Shirt


Who said dad fashion is always bad fashion? With this breathable short-sleeve button up, dad will ready to take on warm-weather adventures in style.


Yeti LoadOut Five Gallon Bucket3. Yeti LoadOut 5 Gallon Bucket


Remember that big plastic bucket that held all of dad’s tools and supplies when he did yard work? While it may have been big, it was never durable — but dad will have no worries with this bucket. Its hefty handle and high-density polyethylene material guarantee this bucket will last for generations to come.


4. Yeti Hopper Back Flip 24 Backpack CoolerYeti Hopper Backpack Cooler


Before heading out on that hiking trip, you want to make sure that dad has this backpack cooler. Made with waterproof fabric, its closed-cell foam insulation makes storing cold drinks or packing lunch a cool breeze. Plus, a cooler you can wear on your back leaves your hands free for hiking and rowing.


Qalo Men’s Outdoors Silicone Wedding Band5. Qalo Men’s Outdoors Silicone Wedding Band


Does your father complain that his wedding band sometimes gets in the way during a work-out or outdoors activities? Made of medical-grade silicone, this wedding band is the perfect way for your dad to celebrate his commitment while remaining committed to the outdoors.


6. Helinox Chair OneHelinox Chair One


This portable chair is perfect for every outdoor or indoor occasion. With its lightweight, durable and compact features, dad can relax his back on the next weekend camping trip. This chair is great for that extra seat on the back porch or in the living room for family occasions, so it’s kind of a gift for mom, too.


Osprey Manta AG 28 Daypack7. Osprey Manta AG 28 Daypack


This backpack is just what dad needs to store any gear for that day trip to Oak Mountain. Backpacks can cause discomfort, but the comfy shoulder harness and weight-distributing hipbelt will keep dad moving right along. The large zipper and panel pockets allows for quick and easy access to gear while staying organized.


8. Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack – 20LOsprey Daylite Plus Daypack in Beryl Blue


Whether it be a day trip in the woods or a long climb up in the mountains, this daypack has endless uses. It can also attach to other Osprey packs for longer trips or fly solo for day trips. No matter its use, this pack’s mesh pockets and front zippered pockets provide the perfect amount of storage.


Red Yeti Rambler Mug9. Yeti Rambler Mug – 14oz


Is dad tired of his coffee not staying hot enough? Or of his ice melting the second he steps out on a hot summer day? This mug is the perfect solution. Its vacuum insulation and stainless steel design keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.


10. Free Fly Men’s Breeze Shorts Free Fly Men's Breeze Shorts in Black


These moisture-wicking, lightweight shorts are perfect for whatever adventures summer has in store. Whether it’s a hike in the woods or just a jog through the neighborhood, dad is going to be on-the-go in style.


Free Fly Men’s Lightweight Bamboo Long-Sleeve Shirt11. Free Fly Men’s Lightweight Bamboo Long-Sleeve Shirt


This stylish and comfy shirt works for a fishing trip or just going to dinner with the family. With its UPF 15+ sun protection and moisture-wicking material, dad is sure to feel as cool and smooth as his shirt.



12. On-Running Men’s Cloud 2.0 ShoesOn-Running Men’s Cloud 2.0 Shoes


With their CloudTec sole and great step-in feel, these shoes are the perfect fit. Their grip pads and central channel design make for a smooth walk (or run) on any terrain.


Mountain Khakis Men’s Poplin Shorts13. Mountain Khakis Men’s Poplin Shorts


Tired of dad wearing the same pair of cargo shorts for every occasion? He’ll be sure to set the next fashion trend when he shows up to the family cookout wearing these shorts. An added bonus: there’s no need to worry about wrinkles because of their cotton/poly blend.


14. KÜHL Men’s Rydr Pants  KÜHL Men’s Rydr Pants in khaki


Dad will be thanking you for these long-lasting and comfortable pants for years. With a some stretch for freedom of movement and their reinforced pockets, these pants are sure to be dad’s favorite pair of pants for quite some time.

15. Your Time

Remember, there is one gift your dad will want more than any other: spending time with you. It’s guaranteed to be his very favorite gift.


Text by Jonathan Mendoza