Planning a Family Picnic

Happy family lying on picnic blanket

This Labor Day weekend, leave the kitchen table behind and head outdoors! Nothing’s better than a scenic view and a family meal everyone can enjoy. Whether you need tips about prepping or packing, this guide will help you when it comes to planning a family picnic to celebrate the end of summer and to welcome fall.



Picnic Lunch Meal IN Outdoors Park


When prepping your menu, consider dishes that travel well. Also, less is definitely more when it comes to packing picnic baskets. The best picnic dishes require little to no silverware. It’s also best to stick with food that can be served at room temperature or can be kept cool with ice packs. Nothing is worse than having food that spoils quickly from the heat.



Basket and BlanketFamily puts down blanket for outdoor picnic

Besides the food, a picnic basket and blanket are must-bring essentials. Although it’s a classic, you don’t need an old-fashioned wicker picnic basket. Instead, think about using a cooler to keep those perfect picnic dishes at the perfect temperature. For the full picnic effect, invest in a waterproof blanket so you can sit on the ground.

Location and Time

Picture of picnicking family's legs looking out on vista
Planning the location and time of your picnic is just as important as planning the menu. Find a park with a play area for the kids and, most importantly, a bathroom for everyone. If you plan on picnicking at a popular park, make sure to arrive a little earlier than expected to claim that special spot for your family.



Toys and Games

Family blows bubbles during outdoor picnic
If the park you choose doesn’t have a playground or splash pad, it’s important to bring your own entertainment. Bring balls, a pack of cards, or even some bubbles to keep your family entertained. Try getting even more creative by planning an outdoor scavenger hunt at the park.

Clean Up

Little boy throws carton into trashcan in park



You probably chose your outdoor picnic location because of its scenic view. However, if you don’t clean up your trash, it won’t be beautiful for very long. Make sure to throw away and pick up any food or belongings you’ve brought. It’s important to leave our green spaces better than when we arrived.

If you follow these planning tips for your outdoor family picnic, you’ll be able to make a simple picnic successful. And don’t forget that final, essential ingredient: an action-ready outdoor camera to capture the best (and most hilarious!) moments. This Labor Day weekend, get outdoors and get ready to make lasting family memories!


Text by Kendal Harris