Chat with our Holiday Promo Tee Design Contest Winner!

Each year leading into the holidays, Alabama Outdoors offers a limited edition holiday shirt featuring a holiday-themed design. This year Alabama Outdoors partnered with AAF of Birmingham to find local talent through a design contest. We would like to congratulate Savannah Kurtz from Ashville, Alabama as the winner and creator of our official Alabama Outdoors Holiday T-Shirt design. Her design features a cozy A-frame cabin nestled in the pines, reminiscent of many winter scenes here in Alabama. We sat down with Savannah and asked her some questions!

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Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: I just got home after exploring the west and living out of my van, Clifford, for the past 6 months! Lots o’ desert climbing and mountain summiting and thanking God for creating such a beautiful world to explore.


Q: How did you hear about our t-shirt contest?

A: I saw a post about this contest while I was using wifi at Jackson Lake Lodge. I’m glad I saw it when I did because it was the last day to enter!


Q: Were you familiar with Alabama Outdoors before? If so, tell us a little about that.

A: Yes, long-time fan of AO! Support your local gear outfitters!


Q: Where do you live? Have you always lived in Alabama?

A: Home is in the woods of Ashville, Alabama! My family and I lived in Pennsylvania when I was a wee child before moving here. I lived in a van this summer, which felt like living everywhere and nowhere all at once!


Q: Can you tell us a little about your design and what inspired you to create it?

A: I have a Pinterest board dedicated to tiny cabins and A-frames. I’ll build my own in the woods someday and you can come and stay! 


Q: How long have you been an artist or designer?

A: I’ve been a professional designer for 2 years, but I’ve loved creating in many ways for as long as I can remember.


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do outdoors?

A: Rock climbing! Climbing has unlocked places in the US that I wouldn’t have thought to visit otherwise, like the top of the Grand Teton in Wyoming or the middle of nowhere Joe’s Valley in Utah. Want to get into it? Try climbing at the local gym @bhamboulders!




Q: Where can people find your work?

A: Online at

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your First Ski Trip

At Alabama Outdoors, we love skiing! While it may not be as popular here as it is up north, we’ve got you covered with essential ski gear and all the insider info. So if it’s your first time heading to a slope, check out our top 5 tips to enjoy your trip to the max!


Buy the right gear, rent the rest

Skiing takes a lot of gear. Between the skis, boots, and poles, there are also jackets, pants, helmets, goggles, beanies, socks, and more. Don’t sweat trying to buy everything; renting is essential. The nice part about ski gear is that you can wear some styles daily, so consider buying versatile ski gear. Look for beanies that you’d rock in the fall, a triclimate jacket with zip-in liner, and wool base layers. Triclimates can go from a thick winter jacket to a lightweight rain jacket or a warm midlayer in seconds. And wool baselayers are perfect for winter camping down south. So you can get the most out of your gear! Here is what you (need) to buy, and what you should definitely rent:


  • Skis/ snowboard
  • Poles
  • Boots
  • Helmet


  • Goggles
  • Ski gloves
  • Ski apparel & other accessories

Layer, layer, layer

Versatile gear is great, but just as important is layering. The key to staying comfortable on the slopes is wearing multiple layers. We go over it more in detail on this blog How To Layer Clothing, but the basics are simple. First, you want a moisture-wicking base layer made of wool or polyester, these will be your best friend all day. Then, you need a midlayer that’s thick enough to keep you warm but thin enough to breathe, like a fleece or hoodie. And finally, you want a waterproof shell layer that locks out moisture and vents heat. You can check out our favorite layering pieces here.


Protect your skin

One of the easiest mistakes is not taking care of your skin. Whether it’s chafing, sweating, exposure, or getting a sunburn, skincare is crucial for a fun ski trip. The best way to avoid skin issues is quality base layers. Base layers should wick moisture, regulate temperature, and reduce friction to prevent blisters. Cover your face with a thin, breathable neck gaiter or ski mask on the extra-cold and windy days. And make sure it’s adjustable so you can uncover your face and breath easily. Always make sure to apply sunscreen- even if it’s cold! Being at a higher elevation, you will get sunburn much quicker, so keep that in mind and remember to reapply and keep your skin and yourself hydrated! Another usually underrated accessory is socks. Don’t grab your old cotton socks from your dresser and think- “ah, these will work”. Find a ski-style sock that reaches up to your knees with minimal seams and is made of moisture-wicking materials, like your base layers. Check out our favorite ski accessories here!


Pack essentials plus extras

Snacks, water, sunscreen, lotion, and extra accessories like a beanie and buff can make or break your trip. If you’re staying far from the slope these are great extras to have on hand. An extra beanie and buff are perfect for swapping out midday if they’re gotten wet or icy. It’s good to swap out beanies and face masks to avoid sweat building up and keeping you cold.


Prepare to relax & have fun

Pack for some serious relaxation too. Not only is the ski slope great for shredding, but there are lots of fun ways to relax there, too. Whether it’s curled up by a fire, going for a winter walk, or spending time with a warm cup of coffee on a chilly porch enjoying the view, you’ll need extra clothes for lounging. That’s why we love the Free Fly Bamboo Fleece Hoodies


We hope this has helped you prepare for a great time in the wintery outdoors on the slopes! If it’s your first time or you only get to go so often, just remember to listen to your body and not overdo it. Relax and have fun and be sure to plan ahead to make this trip an all-around stellar time!


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