Barware Gifts Made For Holiday Cheer(sing)

For the hostess who deserves the mostess. These next level gifts are made for those on your list who take their cocktail or mocktail game seriously. Ideal ice, glasses and accessories for every drink! Let’s cheers with the hottest and coolest barware gifts this year. Clink your glasses and pinky’s up!



BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Can Cooler

White marble is all the trend this year in gifts for the home. This white marble BrüMate keeps our slim cans cold and keeps us looking classy. This fancy can-cooler is a non-slip, high-grip option that keeps slim cans cold all day. The marble matte finish is more than just pretty, with a non-slip coating high-quality insulation, paired with an easy fit gasket and rubber-stop bottom, your drink will stay where you put it no matter what.



Corkcicle Stemless Glass Set Prism

Add a little more fun to wine night with the ladies. The Corkcicle Stemless Glass Cup has a neat iridescent tint to it while still being transparent. It is also double-wall insulated keeping warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold!


Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge is here to change the traditional nightcap game forever. Simply fill it up and place it in the freezer at least 4 hours before you pour your refreshments. The wedge will form a perfect ice cube that will melt slower than traditional ice cubes, keeping your drinks flavor intact for much longer. It’s a necessity for the whiskey drinker in your life!




W&P Design Marble Sphere Ice Mold

How to elevate your home bar game? Serve your drinks with ice spheres. This mold is ideal for the slow dilution of stiff cocktails whether you’re making a Negroni or Old Fashioned. The concept is simple. Big cubes melt more slowly than small ones. The tray is designed with sloped internal molds to create a seamless sphere. The rigid connections pins help secure the tray between filling, transfer, and freezing. The Marble Sphere Ice Mold brings speakeasy-quality ice to your home freezer.



W&P Design The Porter Straw – 10” Copper

Save the turtles and be stylish! W&P Design’s 10” Porter Straw is perfect for sipping your morning ice coffee or an afternoon cocktail! The straws are made of rust-resistant, plated stainless steel. Do the planet a favor and take these with you everywhere you go. Not only are the straws sleek and stylish but they’re the perfect alternative to single-use plastics.



W&P Design Water Bottle Ice Tray

These ice trays are so brilliant they make us say “why didn’t we come up with this?” This tray makes five individual ice spears that fit perfectly in most water bottles. The provided lid blocks out pesky flavors from your freezer, while an internal steel frame makes filling and transporting the tray a breeze.


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