Celebrating 42 Years of Adventures

Alabama Outdoors opened its doors to the public in 1975.  With a rich history dating back 42 years, it is hard not to look back in celebration! As one of the first outdoors stores in Birmingham, there was a clear mission to deliver quality service and top of the line products. The first store was opened at Century Plaza and four more were soon to follow. Eventually, those four small locations were consolidated into one larger store in Homewood.

Alabama Outdoors in Homewood is now located in the old S&H Green Stamps store. Longtime patrons will remember this bit of history and a time when parking was out on Highway 31. It was a simpler time.  As new and old stores ebb and flow, so do the memories of years gone by. Our Homewood location boasted the first indoor climbing wall in Birmingham and also welcomed several outdoors celebrities through its doors, including Royal Robbins, Jamling Tenzing Norgay, and Conrad Anchor.

As honored as we are to have attracted such accomplished outdoorsmen, Alabama Outdoors’ main focus is our community. As our customers, you are a part of this wonderful history as well as a part of our future. Employee John Nuckols has been with Alabama Outdoors since the beginning. One of his favorite parts of working for this company is the people. The customers he serves and the employees he works alongside have the same mindset. They love to be outdoors. When helping you, our customers, our staff is not just selling you a product, they are outfitting you for an adventure. They delight in the instant camaraderie felt as stories are swapped and friendships are forged.

In 2010, a new season within Alabama Outdoors began when current CEO Scott McCrory and a group of partners had an opportunity to purchase Alabama Outdoors. They kept the same high standards of delivering the highest quality outdoor gear while implementing core values based on providing exceptional service to customers. That means when you enter our stores you will be greeted like an old friend.

One of our core missions is investing into and being a part of our local community.  This includes getting to make lasting memories with friends, new and old.  What quickly became a summer staple, you can look forward to a monthly get together known as Party on the Porch at our Homewood location. With proceeds benefiting a non-profit outdoor organization, people gather outside the store to listen to live music.  Every month we feature a new band, invite a local brewery, and bring in a local food truck or two. If you are looking for a great outdoor activity to be involved with, each Tuesday throughout the warmer months we partner with the Birmingham Ultra Trail Society to host Tuesday Night Trails at Red Mountain Park. These group trail runs are fun for runners of all experience levels. With our many locations, these are just two of many community events we love taking part in.

As we celebrate our 42nd Anniversary, we hope you will celebrate it with us and help us make memories in the years to come.