Sloperfest 2013 at HORSE PENS 40 – March 2nd

After a needed hiatus, one of the best music and bouldering medleys is back. This year’s SLOPERFEST 2013 will use a new format tested at Triple Crown and given the clear by the handful of competitors psyched for something new. If you are looking to puff the chest up and run your 12 problem circuit this is not the competition for you.
Saturday, March 2, 2013
Registration starts at 10AM. Comp from 11:00-4:00PM
Comp Price: FREE! There is a $15 day fee for the festival. There will be no additional charge for the competition.

2 person team. That’s right two people compete together. The individual format is out on this one. You must have a partner to compete.

Each team will complete as many problems as their skin and muscles will allow in a 5 hour time limit. Colored circuits will be marked for each category (tough, fluff, chuff) with points given for each completed problem. The winning team will either (a) finish entire circuit in least amount of time (b) if circuit is not completed winner determined by highest points (c) if tie then winner determined by time.

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