Yoga 101


Yoga is a restorative, meditative and even intense exercise for the body and mind. Millions of beginner and seasoned yogis around the world rave of its benefits and the positive impact the practice has on their daily life. Read on to learn more!


The practice of yoga dates back 2,500 years and as early as 500BCE in India. With close ties to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, yoga has been practiced as a form of religious mediation. The benefits of the practice on the mind and body have been recorded in ancient texts. Since its modern revival, countless articles, studies and word of mouth have kept the trend alive.


Yoga came to the States in the late 1800’s, but its boom in the 1980’s led to its immense popularity today. Though there are obvious similarities between ancient and modern yoga, today’s practices tend to focus more on moderate exercise and toning with steady long-term benefits.


Yoga is suitable exercise for all shapes and sizes, and comes in its own variety as well. Part of its popularity is due to varying levels of difficulty. The practice is easily adaptable for all skill levels, making it a popular go-to for beginners. Aside from Vinyasa, which focuses on breath, and Hatha, class ranges include Hot, Prenatal, Bikram, Restorative and even more exciting classes like Glowga, Antigravity and more.

With so many options, there is something for everyone. Average classes range in size and age, with some specially crafted for children and elderly.


Until recently, activewear outside the gym or studio was looked down upon. As a result of modern takes on classic activewear, your favorite gear is acceptable anywhere from the studio to the city. Whether you prefer leggings or flowy pants, strappy bras or tanks, today’s modern active brands have you covered.

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