Store Spotlight: Inverness

Even though this last year was well, different; we are so thankful to all of our team members and customers who helped us make it through to 2021! To kick off the start of a new year we want to highlight our wonderful stores and communities who help keep us doing what we love!

This week we are headed to our Inverness store on Highway 280 in Birmingham to chat with our store manager, Carl Stanfield, and some of our other awesome team members! Our Inverness store opened its doors in the Inverness Plaza in October 2012 and we have loved being a part of the community there. Let’s check it out!


How long have you worked at AO and what interested you about working here?

Pictured: Carl, Inverness Manager

I started working at AO just over 2 years ago in November 2018. I have a real passion for helping people discover the magic of enjoying the great outdoors, so I was stoked to see that AO places such a high value on just that. -Carl


I’ve been with AO since August 2019. Having grown up in the Birmingham area, Alabama Outdoors has always been a “go-to” to supply for outdoor adventures so when I began looking for a part time-job while also preparing for a Grand Canyon Adventure, it was at the top of my list. -Jonathan



What we love about Inverness

Did you know? Our Inverness store was the old Blockbuster Video!

I like the feeling here of being so near the big city and yet being close to a lovely stretch of State Park. We have a solid base of AO ‘loyals’ around here that are always excited to shop and see some familiar faces. -Carl


The Inverness community is one of the best suburbs of Birmingham. I have lived in Inverness for most of my life, and I love it because it has a great atmosphere. Everywhere you go, there are friendly faces to greet you with the southern hospitality that is common in Alabama. Inverness is perfect because it has aspects of a big city while still having lots of places to get outdoors and enjoy nature! -Ben



Which Alabama Outdoors core value resonates with you the most?

I love how much value we place on inspiring people to get outdoors. Our society has such an obsession with social media and binging on technology that it’s really refreshing to see a retail location place an emphasis on something different. We genuinely want to help folks get outside and have a great time, and I think that clearly shows in how we interact with customers. -Carl


Our core value of trust resonates with me the most. I believe that it is important to create a community of trust between a store and its customers, and I think Alabama Outdoors has done a great job at that. When I first started working at Alabama Outdoors, I was encouraged by the fact that we strive to build trust with our customers and let them know that we will not cut corners in equipping them with the best outdoor gear possible. -Ben


Our favorite places to explore near Inverness

My favorite place to explore near Inverness is Veterans Park. There is an awesome 5k cross country trail course that loops around the park. It’s perfect for some light trail running! -Anna


My favorite place to explore near Inverness is Oak Mountain State Park. It is such a great place to get out and enjoy the outdoors and it’s right here in our backyard! – JC



Some of our favorite things at AO

My favorite brand right now is Pura Vida. I love the reason behind why they started, and they always have cute things. -Bryndie

My favorite brand right now is Hydro Flask. I love that it comes in a bunch of fun colors :), and I can always take it on the go! – Natalie

My favorite brand right now is Yeti. They have a great selection of products, especially drinkware. I take my Yeti cup with me wherever I go and I love that it can keep my coffee piping hot all morning and my cold drinks cold all day long. – JC



What is your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors?

Pictured: Anna, Inverness Operations Manager

My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is being by or in the ocean. Surfing and snorkeling are my two favorite parts of being by or in the ocean. -Bryndie

My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is by hangin’ out in an Eno because it’s super relaxing and a good way to just chill out. – Natalie


My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors right now is meditating on my yoga mat in the woods. During this crazy year, I’ve been looking for ways to calm down or be at peace and meditating has really helped. -Anna


For me, there is a great feeling of hiking a tough section of trail and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment while enjoying the view or seeing a unique landmark. Day hiking and backpacking is a great way to escape the crowds and the occasional craziness of daily life to slow down and enjoy some quiet solitude. I have also recently started running a little. – Jonathan



We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors, and we work to build loyalty one connection at a time. Visit one of our stores or take advantage of our shipping or curbside pickup! #BeOutdoors