Hoka Shoes

hoka shoesHoka shoes are a break from the current trend of minimalist lightweight running shoes with less cushioning. They have pioneered a patented innovative design, creating lightweight, nimble shoes with an over-sized outsole.

Hoka shoes feature maximally cushioned midsoles and active meta-rocker technology. They are designed to minimize impact while maximizing comfort, traction and stability. All of this leads to improved running form and body mechanics.

The over-sized outsoles on Hoka shoes have 50% more surface area than traditional running shoes. This gives the runner more stability and better traction. The key is that they do this while being 15% lighter than most other running shoes.

This combination of lightweight, stability and traction are what sets them apart. It allows the runner to feel like they are floating over the ground. The technical benefits of the over-sized outsole include:

  • Levitation
  • More Travel
  • Feather-Light Weight
  • Geometry

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Running in Hoka Shoes

Runners of all ages and experience levels will enjoy running in Hokas. The unique design and extra cushioning make them very comfortable and forgiving. The fact that they are so lightweight makes running in them seem effortless.

Trail runners in particular will enjoy running in them. They are ideal for steep climbs, descents and the technical features that trail running provides. The added stability of the over-sized outsoles really comes in handy when you take them on the trail.

Now Available Online and in Store!

We now have Hoka shoes available online and at our Homewood, AL location. Be sure to stop by today to try on a pair or follow the link below to order a pair online!

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Alabama Outdoors Spirit Football Jersey™

alabama outdoors spirit football jersey

The new Alabama Outdoors Spirit Football Jersey™ is now available online and in our Florence, AL store! This is the one of a kind, iconic over-sized garment that features their acclaimed large puff print on the back. Our version has “Alabama” on the curve, and “Outdoors” under it.

We have them in 4 striking color combinations:

  • Coral with White lettering
  • Deep Indigo with Mint Lettering
  • Mint with White lettering
  • White with Violet lettering.

Phenomenally popular, the Spirit Football Jersey™ is as stylish as it is unique. Made in the USA from 100% cotton. The Spirit Jersey incorporates a dropped shoulder, yoke, sweep bottom, and long sleeves with ribbed cuffs.

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